Local 342 Job Action at Morton Williams Supermarkets

Local 342 began conducting a job action against Morton Williams Supermarkets on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Following a grievance investigation by Union Representatives on Friday, August 4, the Local 342 Safety Department discovered unsanitary, unsafe and unhealthy conditions at one of 15 Morton Williams Supermarkets (RBG Management) in New York City, store #787 at 2467 Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, where the union represents the meat department workers.

Members can see in some of the pictures and video captured that Local 342 Representatives found mold on the walls and ceilings of the back rooms and meat department, the bodies of dead flies filling the overhead light fixtures that hang over food prep areas, broken tables and band saws are used by employees for meat cutting, milk and eggs are transported to the store in an SUV without refrigeration, and workers are expected to use filthy, unsanitary bathrooms.

After the Store Manager of this location kicked Union Representatives out on Saturday morning, the Union began conducting our job action.

The Local 342 Safety Department is demanding these conditions get fixed and conducting safety checks in all other Morton Williams supermarkets.

Theresa Gordon says:

One of the most discusting sites I have ever seen! Would any of the store managers or employees by their meat there? I doubt it. They probably wear diapers so as not to use the bathrooms! This video should be shown to the customers before they enter the front door! The products on the shelves should be date checked also. Call the local news stations and newspapers. I’m sure they are not the only ones guilty of these conditions.

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