Local 342 Members Giving for Thanksgiving 2017

Local 342 had a successful annual Thanksgiving tradition of collecting canned goods, non-perishables, and frozen turkeys to donate to people in need. Many thanks to all who donated so that we could provide 30 frozen turkeys and enough canned and dry goods to fill 110 donation bags. Special thanks to these amazing Shop Stewards too:

  • Stop & Shop Shop Steward Al Ficco and his shop donated nine frozen turkeys.
  • Stop & Shop Shop Steward Keung Louie and his shop donated three cases of canned goods and several bags filled with non-perishables like stuffing, mashed potatoes and cookies. 
  • ShopRite Shop Steward Gloria Demarino provided $300 in canned and dry goods from her store. 
  • King Kullen Shop Steward Jeanmarie Gaimaro’s store donated frozen turkeys.

This year, the Local 342 Activities Department arranged for a new organization to receive our donations – the home church of retired Local 342 Member from Gristedes, Marie Bright. Mariner’s Temple Baptist Church in New York City is a 223 year-old building in Chinatown with a rich history and a long, proud tradition of assisting community members in need. Local 342 was proud to be able to blend our tradition with theirs and thankful to them and Marie for the wonderful welcome in their church. 

On Saturday, November 18, Local 342 volunteers Jeanmarie Gaimaro, Shirley Turney, Keung Louie, Patti Ann McGinley, Dean Blafford, Lorna Cruz, Marie Bright, and Ciro Sancimino, along with the Local 342 Activities Department and Union staff, helped Mariner’s Temple Baptist Church with their 17th Annual Thanksgiving Feast. We unloaded donations, packed 110 donation bags, provided free coats and winter clothes to people in need, helped clean up, and handed out turkeys and donations to members of the community.


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