Meat Farms Strike and Negotiations Update

Local 342 has been conducting an Unfair Labor Practice Strike against Giunta’s Meat Farms since June 29, 2017 to win a fair contract for the Meat Department employees there.

An attempt to negotiate a fair contract with the employer on July 20th was unsuccessful. The union rejected the employer’s proposal and a Federal Mediator has been called in.

Local 342 will fight until we win a fair deal for our brothers and sisters.

Update for July 28, 2017: the Federal Mediator has recommended a cool down period while talks continue. Effective today, our strike line will be down until further notice. 

Meat Farms meat department employees have been working under an expired contract for several years and, while the union has been able to maintain their health care benefits and all other contractual rights during this period, the employer has refused to give them fair wage increases, contribute to maintaining their level of health care benefits, and to allow employees to join the union. The employer calls the police when union representatives try to service members or sign up employees who are entitled to health care benefits, an annuity, and other contractual rights.

Employees at Meat Farms have been threatened with being fired if they are caught talking to Union Representatives. The union has made every effort to work the situation out, but this employer seems to think he gets to decide who can and cannot join the union. This is against the law. New York is not a Right to Work state.

Local 342 asks for your continued support for our brothers and sisters until they are all in the union and have a fair contract. 

We thank everyone who has stood with us in this fight and encourage all Local 342 Members to volunteer some time on the line to help the union win a fair contract for your brothers and sisters at Meat Farms.

We are United Strong Always.

For strike status and location each day, check back here on the Local 342 homepage or our Facebook page which are updated each morning.

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