Stop & Shop Bargaining Update-Urgent


Management cancelled scheduled bargaining with Local 342 this week, claiming they have too much to do with bargaining in New England, the purchase of King Kullen stores, and other things that all amount to the same thing: THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE DRAGGED THEIR FEET AND FINISHED THE LOCAL 342 CONTRACT A LONG TIME AGO!


Local 342 objected to cancelling negotiations, even though we support our union brothers and sisters in their effort to get a contract with Stop & Shop in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Our sister Locals in New England received many of the stupid proposals that Stop & Shop has given Local 342, and those Locals up north will not accept that any more than Local 342 members will accept it. In fact, the New England Locals are in the process of scheduling strike votes this week while they continue to bargain with Stop & Shop.  Local 342 will support the Stop & Shop members up north like we always do, but that does not mean we will let Stop & Shop management set us on the side!


 This is a problem management created.  Local 342 members have the right to get their contract finished, and should not have to wait on line because management chose to screw around and take their time. Stop & Shop management knew the New England contracts were coming up. Management knew they were going to buy 30 King Kullen stores. Management knew they were going to install Marty the robot, and do store renovations.  Management knew all this, yet decided to stick with stupid proposals like no time and one-half on Sunday unless you worked for them for four years. They knew all this, but continue to say NO RETRO on missed wage increases. They knew all this, yet they continue to tell Local 342 they really don’t have much for the part time workers and its ok for Boars Head to steal part time hours. This is just plain unacceptable.


Local 342 believes our membership working at Stop & Shop is ready to tell management we are serious about getting a contract finished! Please wear warm clothes and foot wear every time you go to work this week.  Please stay united in your shops, and available when Local 342 stewards and Representatives are looking for you.  Stay tuned in, because you are entitled to a new contract.