UFCW Members Can Earn a College Degree, Debt Free

College is no longer unaffordable!  

The UFCW Free College Benefit ensures that UFCW members and their families do not have to pay out-of-pocket for any tuition, fees or e-books at Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) —resulting in cost savings of thousands of dollars!

Missed the deadline to enroll this term? No worries – apply for the next term to start your college education as soon as possible!
For the next step, click right here: https://www.ufcwfreecollege.org/
How does it work: This UFCW benefit works as a “last-dollar scholarship”, or grant, through EGCC, that is intended to fill the gap between any federal, state or employer education grants you receive and the cost of tuition, fees and e-books for certain online degree programs at Eastern Gateway Community College. EGCC is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the country. It is regionally accredited and regulated by the Ohio Department of Education, and credits earned at EGCC can be transferred to other institutions across the country.
Who can apply: The UFCW Free College Benefit is open to members in good standing, who are full dues-paying members, and their families. Family is defined as spouses, children, stepchildren, children-in-law, dependents and grandchildren. (Potential students’ membership will be verified by the UFCW).
To apply: Go to www.UFCWFreeCollege.org to submit an inquiry form and to begin the application process. You may also call 888-509-9009 to talk to an enrollment advisor. You must complete the EGCC application, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and supply needed documentation, such as a high school transcript and any verification documents, required to determine federal or state grant eligibility. Your enrollment advisor can walk you through each step along the way.
FAQs: Click here for detailed answers to frequently asked questions.
For more information or additional support, please visit www.ufcw.org/college or call 888-590-9009.

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