Attention Local 342 Ozanam Hall Members:

9/21/22 Bargaining update:

Bargaining continued on Monday, September 19, 2022. At this meeting Ozanam Hall through its representatives sent a clear message that they have no interest in making your health, safety, and livelihood a priority. Ozanam is looking to do the minimum required by law with regards to staffing, paid and unpaid leaves of absence, and sick leave benefits. Ozanam rejected the Union’s proposals for retroactive wage increases and proposed wage increases contingent on you giving up some of your contractual earned and accrued time off benefits. They rejected the idea of compensating more senior members and instead proposed a new “enhanced rate” CNA and LPN classification that pays more than the current CNA and LPN rate and less fringe benefits and entitlements.

Ozanam‘s very extensive proposal also includes, but is not limited to, reduction in paid holidays, changing vacation, sick, personal entitlements to a paid time off (PTO) system that combines it all, changes accrual terms, and eliminates payout of unused accrued time. The proposal also includes, restoring  the 2.5 hours you lost several years ago, potential unknown changes in the medical and dental benefits along with changing the structure from a set monthly employee contribution to 10% of the total premium, which again is unknown and subject to change each year. Ozanam does not want to continue contributing for retirement benefits, instead they are proposing employee only contributions into a 403(b) retirement plan with a nominal employer match. Ozanam’s proposal includes many language changes that stands to weaken the current contract terms.

Ozanam claims that their proposals are justified by and attributed to COVID-19 related losses in revenue. They have also stated that they believe money is the most important thing to the members which is why they believe changes and concessions are acceptable to the members. Therefore, we remind you not to speak with management about negotiations and what you would like to get in the contract. If you have any questions about negotiations speak with a member of your negotiations committee or your Union Representative. We will keep you posted on future negotiations. Stay strong, stay united, stay safe!