Local 342 Annual Fundraiser for 2017 Was Record-Breaking!

It was a record-breaking year for Local 342's Annual Fundraising for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

Between all our fundraising activities throughout October and our official Making Strides Walks at Jones Beach, Long Island and Midland Beach, Staten Island, we have so far raised OVER $63,000 (we still have donations coming in)!  This is one of the highest totals since Local 342 began sponsoring the Walks! 

The Local 342 Activities Department is still adding up all our donations and funds raised, so check back soon for the final total!

Congratulations and thank you to all the Local 342 Members,  family, friends and staff who made all our fundraising activities so FUN and SUCCESSFUL by participating and donating to our Making Strides journey this year!



Also a big congratulations and thank you go to the Local 342 Pink Ladies who contributed $16,697 to the Annual Fundraiser! Jeannie Gaimaro of King Kullen, Kathy Maerz of Stop & Shop, and retired members Mary Anderson and Shirley Turney collected donations and sold raffles every Saturday since the start of summer, as well as hosted our Comedy Night fundraiser. 

Recap of 2017 Annual Fundraisers for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

All our activities and events included food, drinks,opportunities for prizes, raffles, fun, and brother/sisterhood. A portion of all our proceeds from every activity is ultimately donated to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

BINGO in Mineola and Bohemia raised a total of $773

BOWLING at RAB's Country Lanes on Staten Island raised a total of $820.

FOOTBALL at Flanagan's Tavern on Staten Island raised a total of $2,775.

COMEDY NIGHT at Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown raised a total of $2,231.

LOCAL 342 PINK LADIES: contributed $14,466 in donations from collecting donations and selling raffles at union supermarkets across Long Island and another $2,231 from hosting Comedy Night.

WALKS: donations are still coming in from our members and friends. Stay tuned for the grand tally once we've combined these with the funds we raised selling food, drinks, games of bra pong and more at our two Making Strides Sponsor Tents.


Visit our gallery page here to see albums of past year's fundraisers and walks.

Join Us Again Next Year for MORE Local 342 Strides-Making History

~ Local 342 has been a multi-site Flagship Sponsor of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk every year since 2013.

~ Local 342 has participated in the Making Strides Walk and donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides effort every year since 2005.

~ Since becoming a Sponsor in 2013, Local 342 has donated over $200,000 to the American Cancer Society for Making Strides.

~ In 2017, Local 342 is a Flagship Sponsor for the fifth year in a row at the Jones Beach, Long Island and Midland Beach, Staten Island Making Strides Walks.

~ Local 342 is well-known at the Strides Walks for our Bra Pong Game and our “pink food,” including bagels and sandwiches. All proceeds go to Making Strides!

~ Our dedicated Local 342 Member Volunteers host fundraising events and raffles from June through October each year to raise donations for Making Strides.

~ In 2017, Local 342 Members and our "Fab Four Pink Ladies" Mary, Shirley, Jeannie and Cathy became fundraising superstars, spending every Saturday afternoon through the summer and up to the official October walks raising money outside union supermarkets across Long Island. Their goal is to help Local 342 raise more money than any prior year for the American Cancer Society and breast cancer treatment and prevention. They raised $14,466 in 2017 through these efforts alone! WOW!