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In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19, we understand members have many questions. Our Union representatives are working there way throught contacting members directly, as you can imagine, this keeps them very busy. So as a way to get your questions answered, below you will find information for members to utlize if they need to contact someone, and are unable to reach their rep directly.

Union Representatives are working diligently on the phone resolving problems and making sure members have proper equipment.

If you have an issue before your representative has the chance to get  to you, please reach out via:

Tell-Us email submission:

Area Office Phone Numbers:

Staten Island: 718-370-3425

Mineola: 516-747-5980

Bohemia: 631-654-8790

COVID-19 Hotline:



Please don’t be afraid to call in to us and report what you are missing (mask, gloves, or any other Personal Protective Equipment).

Please call in and we will  work on it. Stay safe and united.

Thank you!